Saturday, February 19, 2011

What a Talented Bunch of Kids!

Sherwood's February 19 Hootenanny was a rousing success! The next one will be on St. Paddy's Day March 19 1:30-4:30 and after 6:00. See you at the Morback House Museum.


clyde said...

We need to do a better job next time, Lilly Morgan. We almost had these young people playing our songs. Then (as you see in this video) they rebelled. They started playing their OWN songs instead! Can't let that happen again Lilly! No way! (Of course I'm kidding. I enjoyed every minute of it!)

Anonymous said...

They burned through all of our songs.
But that is ok. We are just getting started with this Hoot stuff!!!

Clyde Ray List said...

Poor Brady (the guy with the non functioning concertina). He's working hard to master that instrument. And he will. Right now, though, the Sherwood Historical Society needs his talents as a graphic artist more than as a musical artist. The next Hootenanny needs a red hot poster in the public's eye. Wouldn't you say so, Lilly? (Woah! Be careful Brady! Ow!)

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