Friday, February 04, 2011

Morback House Museum gets a face lift!

The porch was promising to drop away when the City Fathers came to the rescue. The foundation was weak, but the contractor also discovered the porch pillars to be hollow. "They're barely strong enough to hold up the roof." he said.


Anonymous said...

Eeeegads!!!!--John Brown

Anonymous said...

cool house :D--morgan

Anonymous said...

why in the world are they ripping off the porch!!!!!!!!

Clyde Ray List said...

They're ripping off the porch so that it doesn't fall off during History Camp or some other time when we don't expect it to.

Anonymous said...

The porch was held up by two by fours and was standing in the dirt. The dirt in Sherwood is always sinking with all the rain so the boards were sinking too. Now there will be more to hold up the porch and cement stands for the boards to be on so they will not sink as fast!
Mrs. Reynolds

Anonymous said...

why didn't they repaint the house?

Anonymous said...

why didn't they repaint the house?--nicole

Anonymous said...

I am sure that all the raw wood will have to be primed and painted. We might not have the money to paint the whole house!!!--Mrs. Reynolds

Anonymous said...

wow!Lets hope you can repair it!--Drew the one who didnt get into his email.

Anonymous said...

hi it is Ben in gaubs class

JayCee said...

Thank you for checking in, Drew and Ben and Nicole.

Anonymous said...


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