Thursday, December 02, 2010

Let's Play Ball!

A Special Sports Edition of The OE History Night
Thursday, December 2, 2010
7:45 pm (doors open at 7:15)
McMenamins Mission Theater
Free, minors with parents welcome

Kerry Eggers presents "Beavers v. Ducks: Over 100 Years of Civil War"

The Oregon Civil War--one of the country's longest-standing rivalries in college football--will rage again on Saturday, December 4th. For over 100 years, the Oregon State Beavers and the University of Oregon Ducks have been meeting on football fields up and down the Willamette Valley, inspiring the unflagging loyalty of generations of Oregonians. Sports writer Kerry Eggers traces the annual game to its beginnings (in 1893), looks back at ten of the top Civil War games of all time, and talks about how the Civil War has become such an important part of our state's sporting culture.

Kerry Eggers has been writing sports professionally since he arrived in Portland in 1975. He has written four books, including Wherever You May Be: The Bill Schonely Story, and Clyde the Glide: The Clyde Drexler Story.


Anonymous said...

why did the football civil war start?

Anonymous said...

when did the civil war start?
molly russell

Anonymous said...

When did the silav el wor started?

Anonymous said...

Why was the civil war so important to people and very important to oregon!?

Anonymous said...

I've been at that very spot before! I tried to take a picture with my cell phone, but it died on me!

Clyde Ray List said...

The Civil War was important to Oregon because it started almost the same time Oregon became part of the United States. As soon as we joined the USA, the USA falls apart!

All we in Oregon could think of to say was: "Woah! Excuse us! Did we cause it!? Did we make somebody mad!?"

Anonymous said...

DUCKS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GO DUCKS that is sooooooooo AWESOME

Anonymous said...

But what do the ducks and bevers represent? the Union and the south? I still don getit.

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