Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It was a Slient Night in Sherwood Oregon USA too, 100 years ago. The air was so silent that people argued about whether they could hear the water falls at Oregon City or not! That is the story the kids in this 2008 photograph are hearing. These were a few of the wise boys and girls who visited the Sherwood Museum at Morback House as soon as the Tree Lighting at 1st and Pine was over at 7:00PM. Hopefully we will see them again after this year's Tree Lighting!


Lilly Morgen said...

It won't be silent this year!!!We have 80 Middleton Students forming a circle on the "Green" and singing songs. Then we will serve them cookies. The Renn.Singers will be there too!! Come to the Morback House to see the excitement!!

Anonymous said...

that is so cool . but i wont be silent !

Anonymous said...

I've been there!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

iv been there done that soooo cool

Anonymous said...

been there done that dont want to go back

Anonymous said...

I've been there!But my phone ran out of charge on my phone.

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