Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Great Day for Third Graders!

Third Graders from Clyde Hopkins School enjoy a ride in Dale Smith's barber chair. They also sang a song for "Sesame Donuts."


Anonymous said...

Wait! You got donuts?

JayCee said...

SOME of us did! Yah! Too bad for you fella! Eat your heart out! You'll just have to complain to Sesame Donuts if you feel left out.

JayCee said...

Don't wait for a Sherwood Historical Society tour. Say Hi to Hydar any day! He's the kind of businessman Old Town needs!

JayCee said...

Speaking strictly for myself, that look Dale the Barber gets from those two 3rd Graders in the barber chair (I am talking about the video posted here) was worth the whole event!

Anonymous said...

Why did they get donuts? I wnated donuts! Evil third graders...

Anonymous said...

thta is soooooooo weird but it sounds like fun =) and its no fair they get dounuts im soo hungrey now

Anonymous said...

Lucky!!! We did that in 4th grade, not 3rd! Uhh!

Anonymous said...


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