Monday, October 11, 2010

Clyde Ray List Commentary: Should Sherwood be more like Leavenworth, WA.?

In Leavenworth, Washington they decided to create history rather than preserve it. It was a risky move, erasing your own history and replacing it with someone else's. But this time, it was an excellent move.


JayCee said...

Sherwood Oregon's own Saint Paul Lutheran Church can pull an oompah band together, and it will sound as good as anything Leavenworth has got. Even a Dutchman (namely "moi") feels the woe along with the excitement that that music causes when it's played right.

Anonymous said...

I, myself am English and I do believe that the heritage and customs of the yesteryear should be perpetuated as a cultural anchor of belief and identity. --John Brown

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that this is not a German Heritage town? It could be that they are not re-inventing history but just re-living it. That would make more sense.

Clyde Ray List said...

Maybe that is what we are seeing: A German Heritage Town. In Leavenworth, we are seeing what Germany would have been like if only Kaiser Wilhelm and Adolf Hitler had not put their ugly snouts in the picture. That's not so bad. I could drink to that.

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