Thursday, April 29, 2010

Car Show and Robin Hood Festival Advisory:

Special Message from Strawberry Shortcake and Popcorn provider Polly Blankenbaker, Morback House Museum (at First and Main in Old Town).
Have you ever wondered how the Robin Hood Festival got started? Come to the Heritage Center to find out. Have you ever wondered what happened to the Robin Hood tea cloth that used to hang in the vault at U. S. National Bank? Come to the Heritage Center to see it. Have you ever wanted a bird’s eye view of an 1800’s Sherwood complete with a model train? Come to the Heritage Center to see it. The answers to these and other pressing issues will be revealed at the Heritage Center. The Heritage Center which is located in Veteran’s Park includes the Morback House Museum with it’s changing exhibits and the new Smock House exhibit. Many of our Sherwood neighbors have donated furniture and other household goods to create the Smock House exhibit. We are so lucky to have these great historical facilities, please come and enjoy them.

We will be selling popcorn and strawberry shortcake on the front porch of the Morback House Museum soon. Stop in!


Anonymous said...

How soon?? This week?????

Lilly Morgen said...

Car Show is June 12 and Robin Hood is
July 17. History Workshop is tomorrow, Sat. 22nd 10:00am to 4:00pm

Anonymous said...

Car Show is a'commen' We want to see some Model Ts and As as well.

John Brown

Anonymous said...

wait what is this

Anonymous said...

where is this robin hood festival

Anonymous said...

I went to the car show and they smashed the little cars with the monster trucks!

Anonymous said...

i was there hannding out flyers for maid marrain!

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