Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Columbus Day Storm Pictures Emerge.

"After recently reading about the progress of the redevelopment of the Portland Canning Co. site, I came across these photos taken the day after the Columbus Day Storm. As you can see, Portland Canning lost almost all of it's rolling stock stored in the pine grove north of the canning building." --Dennis Lively

COMMENT: The storm happened Oct. 12, 1962. The cannery closed in 1971. The processing of Sherwood area farm products continued for a while, after the Columbus Day Storm, but the axe was falling. This photo could just as easily be a cartoon about what the global economy did to a very important Sherwood enterprise that rescued a lot of families from starvation and sent a lot kids through college!


Anonymous said...

This was back in the day when there was industry in small Oregon towns. How do we support ourselves today? I wish there was some obvious way of knowing. Would there be records at the Washington County Courthouse that could tell us?

JayCee said...

Metro and the City of Sherwood have some pretty good information to answer that question.

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