Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A New Book about Small Town Life

Ever since Sherwood Historical Society Secretary Clyde List served his one term as Mayor of Sherwood Oregon USA (1980-2), he has wondered about all the other people in America who have survived that job. A new book offers a glimpse into their lonely, desperate lives: MAYORS ACROSS AMERICA by Ed Morris.


Clyde said...

I was Mayor of Sherwood Oregon in 1980-2. I thanked God when the ordeal was over. What do I remember most? Sitting in front of Morback House ("City Hall" at that time) in my old blue 1967 Chevy pick-up, at 7:15 every other Wednesday night (the meetings started at 7:30), wishing to God I still lived in Seattle.
10 minutes ago

Lilly Morgen said...

Hey at least you kept things going when no one else was willing or interested. That has got to count for more that what is going on now...

Clyde said...

What I see going on now is called "cynicism." The City keeps rolling out their version of a big red fire truck. (I learned this at a League of Oregon Cities Convention many years ago: "Put a new fire truck on the ballot and people will always vote for it-- along with anything else you add to the ballot in very small print.)

Unfortunately, our City doesn't own a fire department, and so instead of a fancy new fire truck, they roll out a "Community Arts Center."

Judging from the latest controversy, the people have got wise! Good for them.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the song "Roll Out the Barrel"

Clyde said...

Oh yeah. Freudian slip on my part. "Roll Out the Barrel." I truly was thinking about how ancient councils used to make every important decision twice. Once while they were sober. Once while they were drunk. If the vote came out the same way both times, they went with it. Else not.

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