Friday, October 10, 2008

Parrett Mountain Farm Archeaology

The Parrett Mountain Farm 10500 NE Parrett Mt Rd., Newberg OR 97132 and the Oregon Archeology Society celebrated Oregon Archeology Month with a presentation by Dr. Cameron Smith, Adjunct Associate Professor at Portland State University. His topic was: “Archaeological Exploration of the Parrett Mountain Farm” Thursday October 16th.


Anonymous said...

It is dark here. I don't know where this is. Is it in Sherwood?
What is archeaology about?

jaycee said...

The picture was taken at Parrett Mountain Farm up on Parrett Mountain. We just about ready to go inside. It was getting dark,

querulous said...

Does this "archeology" involve digging up dirt on someone? On anyone
running for public office in S'wood?

Lilly Morgen said...

Wall, they were trying to dig up some Chinese people.But as far as politics go, we leave the political
digging to folks like "60 Minutes", the "Snore-o-gonian," and the "Sherwood Gizzard."

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