Thursday, July 24, 2008

News from Nottingham

Leslie posing with very large oak tree in Background.Search for "Sherwood Oregon" at and see what happens. The British are writing articles about us. The person called "Leslie Rhodes" in the article is really Leslie Joyce, daughter of the editor of the late lamented Sherwood Scroll newspaper. Here she is seen during a recent visit to Nottingham, with Major Oak in the background.


Lilly Morgen said...

Hmmm...Major Oak looks like a CMT to me...(Culturally Modified Tree, that is...)

Sherwood said...

Could be. Maybe if we got a clone of Major Oak, the way Leslie wants Sherwood to do, and we sat back and watched it grow for 900 years... we could see what shape it takes without being culturally modified.

Lilly Morgen said...

Don't we have a person in Sherwood with some of the offspring of that tree? Why don't we plant one at the Smock House?

Sherwood said...

The man's name is Paul Lukas. He's been trying for years to donate two trees that are descended from Major Oak. (Leslie's talking about clones of the tree itself.)

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