Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Visit from Edogawa

Japanese High School Students lining up to be Photographed in Front of Morback House.Our friends from Japan are here again. In spite of the language barrier we communicated pretty well today. These kids are polite!

We found that one way to connect with these kids is to mention a famous folk hero, Tora San. Tora San videos with English subtitles are starting to be seen on YouTube. The shows are always about every day life in Japan. They prove how the same things make us laugh or cry the world over. Tora San means "Mr. Tiger."


Lilly Morgen said...

They danced to Play Party songs and we have a video of them doing "London Bridge."

Lilly Morgen said...

The Edogawa folks are all over Sherwood these last few days. I saw four of them with their host families today at Farmer's Market. The man who is the personnel director for the city served popcorn, and made doughnuts this week. They are getting the spirit of America!

Sherwood said...

It would sure be interesting to hear what they're saying about us in Edogawa. I guess some Japanese travel agents advertise Oregon as "What America used to be like." Can't say for sure though.

jaycee said...

According to the link provided...

If we were to visit Edogawa in February, we might see "...young men dressed in long white kimonos run from house to house to chase away evil spirits."

In July we might see "...performers wear a headdress in the shape of a shishi, an imaginary lionlike beast, visiting the entrance to each household and praying for the well-being of the community."

Americans who have spent a great deal of time in Japan report that they could never quite get into some of these ancient rituals. It follows that our Edogawan guests must be just as perplexed by what we're up to in Sherwood Oregon USA. Our work is cut out for us!

Anonymous said...

There may be a few traditions which may seem strange, but how about a rabbit hiding eggs on Easter?

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