Monday, July 30, 2007

Survivors in Brooks, Oregon

Only one wagon of the Oregon Trail Travelers made it across the Prairie this year. Of course the intrepid Lilly Morgan and her friend from the Boston Globe were the lucky ones, seen here. After taking some time out for songs and stories for the little folk, they started out for Sherwood and may get here before the snow falls.


Anonymous said...

I've been read'en them stories in the Boston Globe, an the're all lies!

jaycee said...

Well at least you didn't make fun of that kooky hat! What part of the 19th Century is that supposed to be from?

Anonymous said...

Oh they have some marvels of invention down there at Brooks, an' there is a passel of people from the Sherwood area who help out down there! See their pictures on this spiderweb at

Sherwood said...

There's a lot of pictures there, but I didn't see one of our yaller cat. Don't know how many horse power she might have had, but the dang thing could move a lot of earth when she had to go real bad.

Kitty Meinecke said...

I was shocked to see that Powerland had a "Cat House!"

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