Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Japanese Visitors Return!

Today, on our way down First Avenue, we noticed some workmen discussing some stuff they'd just dug up at Block 5, Lot 8. Alas there was no time for the Sherwood Historical Society to roll up our sleeves and offer to help. We had visitors of our own at The Heritage Center!
About twenty youth from Edogawa Japan came to see us. This is the fourth year their town council has sent them to Oregon to study our ways and days. Here the intrepid Lilly Morgen leads a procession through the tall trees of Parrett Mountain Farm. "When we come here we see the relationship between a farm-town and its farmers." she said. Some guests from Holland were also on hand.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the workmen, we've got several buckets and boxes of artifacts. We believe that they filled some sort of cellar hole or well under the old Toy Store. They were not very deep, but maybe it got filled in and they kept having to throw more broken stuff in the hole.

jaycee said...

The "old toy store" is in photographs taken during the turn of the century. It's on Block Five Lot Seven. So there's bound to be something of interest in there.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lawrence and his wife lived in the apartment above the "Toy
Store" in 1914.

Sherwood said...

Those Dutch visitors were so impressed with that Mountain Farm that they decided to go back to Holland and close down their dairy. Mountain farmin' looked a lot more profitable, they said.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sherwood,
Better write those Dutch people and tell them they will have to be loggers before they can be farmers up there on Parrett Mt.

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