Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Citizen Protest!

The City of Sherwood has taken the rug out from under the Arts Commission by taking away the building they were trying to make into a performing arts venue--The Old Sherwood School in what we hope will still be Old Town Sherwood, if they don't bulldoze it down. We tried to get Mc Menamin's in on this but they are over-extended two years out. We cannot depend on them alone to save every old building in the metro area, just as our Historical Society cannot save all the buildings in town. We need to act and act fast or one of the most significantly beautiful buildings will go! Please help us save the Old School House from being torn down just so someone can build another townhouse ghetto!!

(signed)June Reynolds, Sherwood Citizen


jaycee said...

There are two pronouncements that keep circling through my poor head and I don't remember their sources.

Rule #1. When ground is worth more than the structure sitting upon it, the structure is toast.

Rule #2. Societies never achieve stability without relying on their history.

Rule #1 is like a never ending slap in the face for Rule #2. We've heard plenty of citizens supporting #2. We also need to hear from the business community. Your reference to McMinemens (or however you spell that! Sorry guys!)is a good start. I hear there are any number of art-music-dance-theatrical studios who would be making money hand over fist if only there were enough space in Old Town to hold them all. We need to hear from these business people as well.

Lilly Morgen said...

Rule #1 is poppycock. Rule #2 is true. But haw can you have #2 without #1.
Anyway,, they tabled the demolition last night, so those
business people better step up to the plate or I'm gonna put the History Center in hock!

Anonymous said...

So what is happening with the Old Schoolhouse?

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