Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sherwood THEN!

But what about NOW? Can you identify the locations where these photos were taken? What's there now is so completely different that a current photo wouldn't help.

1998 PHOTO of Herb Borchers' Place.

Today you'd be looking at
Pizza Schmizza and Starbucks, near Safeway!

1981 PHOTO of Mayor List in Sherwood's First Christmas Parade.

Today you'd be looking at
McDonald's from North Sherwood Boulevard!

1981 PHOTO of future Onion Festival site.

Today you'd be looking at
Archer Glen School from Sunset Boulevard!


Lilly Morgen said...

J.C.--Tell us about Herb Borcher.
Who was he and what did he do? I especially like the diamond windows in the house. What do you know about those windows?

jaycee said...

Ah yes, those diamond windows. They were prominant on my general store (the one I sold my son-in-law) in Olde Sherwood Toune. They are a Sherwood Trade-Mark and should be required in all new construction. There is a photograph of this particular house in a manilla folder at the Oregon Historical Museum, together with details about the man who built it. (Same guy who built Morback House as I recall, but the name slips my mind.)

Herb Borchers belonged to the family Borchers Road is named after. The Borchers were a large old German-Lutheran family associated with Saint Paul's Lutheran.

Lilly Morgen said...

Are you speaking of Matt Fitch, who married Miss Nettie Smock? I didn't know that!

jaycee said...

No, it's a name familiar to you, but I'll have to go to the OHS to find it.

Anonymous said...

It is shocking to look at those photos and realize how much has changed in only a few years.

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