Sunday, January 08, 2006

Questions and Comments for 2006

If you have anything to share about the history of Sherwood, add a line here.


Lilly Morgen said...

What were the biggest storms of the past? I'd like to make a list.
The winter snowstorm of 1918 is one I know about....

jaycee said...

Harold and Lucy Rupprecht, now deceased, told me about a funeral that happened in the 1880s that was so severe that the funeral procession from Saint Paul Lutheran Church to Middleton Cememtary had to take the entire day to clear fallen logs out of the path. (The Church was founded in 1878, but still had close ties to Old Sherwood Town then.)

There is a book by a Mr. Killian in the Sherwood Historical Society Library that seems to describe this storm. The lightning was so intense it knocked people out of their chairs.

Lilly Morgen said...

Was that the storm that happened just before old man Schlicting died?

jaycee said...

It could have been Ernst Schlichting's funeral for all I know. Whoever it was,there must be a stone over at Middleton Cemetary to check out.

jaycee said...

CORRECTION: I said "Killion" above. Don't know where that came from. It was "Kramian." I forget the full title of his book but it had the words "Red Hills" in it. A relative of his, Eddie Gumm, gave it to me.

jaycee said...

And by the way, tell your known-it-all friend Clyde List to stop making fun of me and these lightning rods I was selling back in the 1890s. (I am referring to his blog posted Friday, April 15, 2005.) With storms like Mr. Kramian described, the lightning rod concept wasn't as ridiculous as the know-it-all Hillsboro Independent made it sound!

Lilly Morgen said...

Well, I'm just glad they were on the two highest buildings in town; the Original Smock Store and the Water Tower!!

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