Friday, April 01, 2005

Sunset Magazine Discovers Old Town

The Current issue of Sunset magazine features "Treasures of Sherwood" by Bonnie Henderson. It's a full page article with photographs. The article is accurate as far as it goes. Henderson states that "the old town's heart continues to beat to the slow pace set by a cluster of antique shops and by neighborhood watering holes that invite lingering, even if you're not a neighbor." Unfortunately there is no specific mention of the Sherwood Heritage Center. I guess the Sherwood Historical Society still has some work to do before its efforts get appreciated by the outside world!


Lilly Morgen said...

I just wonder how throughly the people of this article wandered around town. Quite frankly,
did they talk to anyone or wander into any of the antique stores? Or did they visit on Sunday, the most
deserted time of the week. Usually only the Morback Museum and the Tea House are opened that day in the afternoon.

Mrs. Jewett said...

The Oregonian has been nose-ing around town lately. I reckon they have just discovered Sherwood as well. Keep a look-out for sightings!!!!

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