Saturday, April 30, 2005

Old Engines of Sherwood

The Second Annual Old Engines of Sherwood show is coming to town April 30. The event is sponsered by Alto's Chevron LubeXpress, as well as the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce and the City of Sherwood. The show features gasoline powered engines from the Turn of the Century... everything from gas powered washing machines to logging equipment. It all happens at Sherwood Plaza, across from Alto's, the last Saturday in April.

This photograph shows what the LubeXpress looked like before 1950, except that it was a Shell station/grocery store then. The Highway was a two lane road. The business was owned by Earl Reiser. It was the kind of store where you asked for groceries at the counter and the clerk went and got them for you. Tualatin - Sherwood Road and North Sherwood Boulevard crossed Highway 99 at this location, so that all three roads sliced the land up like a pizza for six. That's why old timers still refer to the area as "Six Corners." Call 503-625-6117, Extension 21 for more about the Power Show.


Lilly Morgen said...

The Show is this week!!!I regret that I will not be there as I am representing Sherwood School District at the State Writing Festival. You'll see some young'uns though! The Field Study Team will be there to check out all the old farm machinery. Now you know why they called the town of Progress, "Progress!"

jaycee said...

I remember the signs that you used to see in that town: "Watch Progress Progress!" And she sure did. As for the Power Show, The Sherwood Historical Society had its old spot in the middle of the exhibition. Poor Clyde List played his fingers to the bone all by himself without you there to back him up. Bluegrass music and antique engines have a similar beat, it turns out.

Anonymous said...

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