Monday, January 16, 2012

Rose Hess and Annie Sax, probably around 1906. The Sherwood Historical Society is searching for more photographs of this old Sherwood family.


Anonymous said...

I have learned one new thing about the Sax Family. They were Catholic.
Many of the family are buried at St. Anthony of Padua Pioneer Catholic (Tigard) Cemetery.

Anonymous said...

The hard ting about this family is that they all had similar names and now I am not sure of the dates.

If anyone out there can help with this, it would be great.

I have John Sax 1824-1889 or 1894

The John Sax boy was:
John J. Sax---1858-1912 He was the oldest and was left out of the will (esp the land)

Then the wife (?), Annie Sax 1860-1896
Her namesake is in the picture-a child, grandchild, or niece???

Joseph Sax Feb. 1853-1923 He was a member of the family--perhaps a nephew?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mrs. Hite could set us straight on this..... said...

Wow - glad to find this blog!

I am researching Joseph Sax (1853-1923). He owned our Tigard house from 1888-1903 (possibly added a portion of the house during this time). The 1900 census has Joseph (age 47, divorced), John Sax (brother age 43 widowed), Ida Meets (daughter) and William Meets living in our house.

In 1880, Joseph was living with wife and kids along with an older John (father?) Sax in East Chehalem.

I am looking for more info to better discover the history of our house.

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