Monday, July 18, 2011

Boy Scout Merit Badge Winner leads Train Room

During this year's Robin Hood Festival, an expert model train engineer explained why Sherwood had three tracks... and other details about 1900 Sherwood which even the Society itself did not know. And he's only Eleven years old.


JayCee said...

The track that led South was narrow gauge. The track to Portland was standard gauge. The third track had three rails, to support both gauges. This track was used to transfer cargo between the two types of trains. Of course!

Lilly Morgen said...

It's called the sidetrack. It was there until about four years ago. The railroad would leave oil tankers there on the sidetrack right there in town. You can see those old tracks in the old Railroad Street picture

Clyde said...

I hope you're not trying to sidetrack us again, Lilly.

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