Saturday, November 14, 2009

Photo Refurbishing

It's amazing how much detail can be brought out of an old family photo. Here is a before and after portrait from the Aebischer family. The original was found among a large collection of photographs donated recently. Most were taken around the Mountain Home area. This photograph was artfully copied and retouched by our Sherwood Historical Society computer geek. (Click to Enlarge.)


Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic picture. So who are they and what did they do?

Clyde said...

Lilly Morgan used to skinny dip in their pond. She'll give us a complete picture of these gentlefolk soon.

Lilly Morgen said...

Happy Wintering-In Everyone!! Ah yes I have been busy getting everything in from the garden and into the root cellar.
The people in this picture are
Christian Aebischer and his wife, Emma(Birkemeyer)Aebischer. They met in the Evangelical Church in Milwaulkie, Oregon. Chris bought 120 acres on what is known as Laurel Ridge in 1894. The land was covered with forest, except for one acre. There was a little log cabin on the property. Chris built the fine milled lumber house that can still be seen today on Aebischer Road. They had eight children;Esther,Fred,Harold,Rosa,
Edward,Elizabeth, Emily,and Ray.

Jeana Roth said...

Iam a great-granddaughter of Esther Aebischer(Abel)

Lilly Morgen said...

Hello, Jena Roth!!! I would like to know more about the Aebischer Family!!We have a whole book of pictures of the farm. I have many good memories of the farm.

Anonymous said...

I have a few pictures from the farm and visited there once as a small child. I was very young. My grandmother loved it there. She is the only living child of Esther Aebisher. I would love to visit there again and have such a curiosity about the history of my family as well. You said you had many memories of the farm. What is your connection?

Lilly Morgen said...

I was a neighbor on Chehalem Mountain and I knew Fred Aebischer. He went to Mt. Home Church and so did we. Richard Aebischer was in my class in school. I wonder where he is these days? Our class has been looking for him. We have our 40th reunion this year.

Jeana said...

My grandmother has photos of our visit to the farm. I was about three years old. My grandmother always asks me "Do you remember when I took you and your sisters(Lynnae and Elisa) to the farm? Uncle Fred and Aunt Winnie gave me a stuffed animal(a monkey) "Little Miss Monkey" is the nickname they gave me because I apparently climbed on everything. Obviously, my memory of the farm is vague. I live in San Diego, my grandmother Rozella( Esther Aebischers' daughter) is still living and here as well. I am going to visit her today. hopefully I will hear more stories.

Lilly Morgen said...

Jeana--If you are still around (as of Aug. 21-25, call me at (503) 625-9026 and we can meet at the museum in Sherwood!!

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