Friday, October 02, 2009

June Reynolds Play at Wilsonville

Sherwood Historical Society member Clyde List plays his banjo in "A Ferry Tale", a play by Sherwood author-historian June Reynolds. The two act play opened October 2 and played for two weekends at historic Frogpond Grange in Wilsonville.


Clyde said...

I will always remember the lack of arrogance displayed by the three Frog Pond actors who happened to be descendants of Daniel Boone. You would expect these blood relatives of-- not only Daniel Boone, but their blood relative Abraham Lincoln-- to be ruling the entire west coast with an iron fist. But instead these Boone people almost seemed embarrassed by the great legacy which history has placed upon their shoulders. I hope that does not change. What a joy and what a privilege it was to meet these people and to know them as friends!

Lilly Morgen said...

I love this picture of the cast!!

Clyde said...

One of the actors kept making a wise crack about the Portland Oregonian: "Nobody reads that." he said. He got a big and bigger laugh every night he said it. When I questioned him about his motives, he confessed that he had no axe to grind. He was only saying what people are thinking. He's a few years younger than me.

Clyde said...

As Oregon Governor George Law Curry, I cut loose on the topic of French Canadian Mountain Men. What I said about these rough and tumble folk who voted to (in effect) make Oregon part of the USA wasn't in the script. I was ad libbing and there was no time to say it all. I left out the part about how these mountain men were mocked (for speaking the language of a country who fared so badly in North America) and despised (for being Catholic). They were a minority who understood how important it is for the American continent to grow into one nation, one people, from sea to sea. But the police were coming. I had to make it short. ("You are certainly full of surprises." Director Jean Tsokos, a tight lipped veteran of New York's Broadway scene, murmured afterward. I should probably go back and find out what she meant.)

Anonymous said...

I heard that the play was going to be on the Public Access TV. Could you find out more about that?

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