Sunday, May 17, 2009

Robin Hood Festival Video

Historian and Former Mayor Clyde List interviews Magician and former City Councilor Julian Thornton about his current career as King Richard Lion Heart. We would assume Thornton has gone completely mad, except that everyone else in the picture is suited up as well. It's a publicity photo shoot for the Robin Hood Festival (which doesn't happen until the 3rd week end in July). The conversation took place at Stella Olsen Park Saturday May 9. See the Robin Hood Festival Web Page for more photos.


Anonymous said...

Ya wanna know what was in that Tannery waste?
Chromium sulfate--Used as a leather preserative. It is associated with respiratory tract cancer, skin ulcers, and renal failure.
Also smaller amounts of Arsenic, cadmium, mercury, sulfuric acid, chemical dyes and heavy metals.

Clyde List said...

Thank you for the report. Don't go away. It is possible that no one who worked at the tannery died a natural death.

What Julian isn't mentioning is that incorporated areas on the fringe of large metropolitan areas (like Sherwood) will be plagued with all kinds of problems (narcotics was another problem back then) that small towns simply aren't able to do battle with.

Julian and his fellow Councilors may have had their heads on wrong. But their hearts were in the right place. By saying No More Growth, they were hoping not to open the floodgates for even worse catastrophies than you mention!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, exactly what is the time period that we are talking about?

JayCee said...

It was a very interesting time. We do well to focus on it.

JayCee said...

Instead of listening to some opinionated expert from the Sherwood Historical Society, you might do your own research at:

Clyde List said...

A very important fact at that time was Oregon Senate Bill 100. It was enacted in 1974 and it required the City of Sherwood to adopt a 20 Year growth plan. There was no possible way the City of Sherwood could deny that she needed to accept regional sewer and water utility services in the near future. In return, Sherwood received the legal argument that was necessary to combat the appalling big-city evils mentioned above (i.e., drugs and pollution).

Anonymous said...

Now it's the drugs that are polluting the water!!!

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