Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chestnut Tree Coming Down.

Recent Photo of Diseased Chestnut Tree in Middleton.Odge asked me to go over and look at the Middleton Chestnut which is sort of across from the old Middleton School site. I guess she got phone calls that the city was going to take it down. It is listed in my book. Here are some pieces of info:
The tree is probably around 98 years old. In 1999, when the development was put in, the base of the tree was scarred. I looked at it on Monday and the scar had healed remarkably well. It looked like the neighbors on the corner had done some work to make the tree grow better. I believe that the tree (being a chestnut) was probably planted as a border marker, maybe marking the corner itself. One side was probably the Olds property the other side the Middleton Friends Church property I showed a power point of the tree on Tuesday to the Parks people, but they decided they are going to cut it down and even grind the stump. Evidently because it is a "safety Hazard....." My recommendation was to prune the tree back, as it does need it badly. It is not a totally dying tree, but it is doomed now...


jaycee said...

The Catawpa tree revisited. Where's Ken Ford when we need him?

Lilly Morgen said...

I agree. It can't just be one crazy old-woman time traveler that cares. Other people have to care or else there is no point to it.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there will be a plaque or marker which will be there to remind
us about the history of the area. Unfortunately, very little of the old town of Middleton exists anymore. We should have signs all over the place to remind us that this town was once even larger than "Smockville."
John Brown

Lilly Morgen said...

How about a brass tree to replace the wood one? We could use the money from Africa!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the tree down yet? Who has been by there lately?

Lilly Morgen said...

As of Friday, Sept. 26, the tree was gone to the stump. I hope there will some sort of maker placed there.
The good news is that I took a hike with Eric Beasley's 5th graders on the new Middleton Cemetery nature trail. It has springs,creeks, and switch-backs!

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