Tuesday, December 04, 2007

School House Street Demonstration

Last Photo Taken of Hopkins School before She was Demolished, with Comic Book Style Crack Added.
Hopkins School As She Looked the Day She Died.

The City had been wanting to act years ago, but a newly revived community spirit said Not So Fast. In the end there was no choice. Engineers agreed that it had to come down. Informal discussions between the Historical Society and the City about what should replace it have been promising, but will the new building be as splendid as what was there once?

Historical Society Members Posing with 'Put It Back!' Sign on the front steps of the School House.
Those Rascally Historians

On the day we staged our protest demonstration, the City of Sherwood had made preparations for a small ceremony in front of the school house to mark its passing. Alas! The city crew barely got their tent set up before most of them disappeared. They seemed to think the Sherwood Historical Society was mad at them. Of course, we weren't demonstrating against them at all. Our protest was against the decades of neglect and abuse that brought this school building to such a sad end. The City could have stood right by us without compromising themselves. May Sherwood never again relive those days when, for example, Smock's Great Great Grandson Shelby Bowen tossed out valuable historical artifacts because he couldn't find anyone who still gave a damn about defending Sherwood history. We wish the ceremony had gone off as planned. In any case, the coffee and cookies were rescued before the City took down their tent and went home, and were greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

There were about 50 people who honked, put thumbs up, smiled, and nodded support. Where are these people when we realy need them. If they all think that the building should not be torn down, Why did they not speak up a year ago? We need more people to be active in our community!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to see the mound tonight - it shocked me - I am so sad that our town has been ruined by a bunch of Californians who moved in here and just took over.

GO BACK TO CALI and continue to ruin it and leave our town alone.

sherwoodian said...

I just happened to drive by when the tractor started breaking through the East wall. Reached for my camera and didn't have it with me. Maybe just as well. If the City follows through on its promise to put the building back the way it looked in 1912-- I'll feel a lot better. But yeah. Today is not a good day for Sherwood.

Anonymous said...

It's all very sad. The city people probably don't realize how sad it really is. Since the city has promised to rebuild an exact replica, does that mean they had an architect and survery crew measure the building inside and out, make drawings andd blueprints and take samples of materials, before they leveled it? Or are they just going to rebuild something figuring it's "close enough"? It just seems a common sense thing to do if they really mean to keep their promise.

sherwoodian said...

I'm not sure how my life would be improved by an exact replica of the school house. Especially if it's a replica of that decapitated, sagging, hopelessly abused hulk they tore down Thursday. I'll be tickled pink with a building that even remotely resembles the 1912 photograph, no matter what materials it's made of. I confess to being quite pleased with the city's attitude so far. I just hope Jim Patterson et al don't quit and join the CIA or something, so that we have to explain it all over again to a new crew.

Lilly Morgen said...

Wall, I got some boys to go out there and get some measurments. We will try to get some of the engineering students to make some drawings. I've got lots of pictures for us to use. Last Feb. we got out and did a 360 degrees photo shoot. We're working on a building...

Lilly Morgan said...

So, here in Sherwood,what do we have left to look at while the new building is going up?

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