Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hello Fourth Graders!

This was the scene at the Sherwood Heritage Center today as umpteen million Clyde Hopkins Elementary School 4th Graders descended upon us. (Note Smock and Morback Houses in background)
The basic idea was to relive, for a few minutes, the appalling hardships we ancestors (seen here) faced when electricity and internal combustion weren't part of daily life. All three elementary schools came to the Heritage Center to see how we were getting along.

Here Archer Glen students are being welcomed by Lilly Morgan,

A.K.A. June Reynolds, whose amazing organizational skills make it possible for the Sherwood Historical Society to take part in such an elaborate project. Here she seems to be playing the role of Sacajawea to Middleton School's Fourth Graders. Bread and butter making, washing clothes, and wood working were demonstrated.

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Lilly Morgen said...

Ask your 4th grader to show you the Morback House Museum. You will be amazed at how much they learn from experience! We also have the Archer Glenn 3rd grade display up until after the Robin Hood Festival.Come and joiin the fun!

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