Friday, October 13, 2006

Another Nameless Sherwoodian

The initials "M.W.M." are penciled on back. Could he have been a Morback? We don't know. Computer enhanced details may give a clue.

The timepiece (above right) is more than functional, and the lapel pin (at right) seems to have a design in it. These artifacts must be in somebody's collection. Any ideas out there?


Anonymous said...

Is there any indication on the photograph of who the photographer was or where the studio was located?

The item suspended on the "C" shaped hook could be a gold nugget. The lapel pin surface also appears "rough", could it have a small gold nugget on the pin?

According to one source the wing collar shown was becoming more popular around 1901, although it was seen both before and after that period:

Anonymous said...

The shirt does not have a "wing tip" collar, after all. I was looking for something to date the picture by. For more info on possible collar types see:

jaycee said...

The cardboard frame measures 6.5" by 4.25". There are no inscriptions except the handwritten "M.W.M."

The roughness of the lapel pin is owing entirely to computer enhancement. I was looking for any kind of image at all. Do I see a profile of a face on there?

Good collar comment, but alas, I can't read all of your link URL.

Anonymous said...


jaycee said...

Good source! Good grief! The article says these starched linen collars left bruises if you turned your head too fast. They looked marvelous even so and "...they made up over 60% of the collar trade in the summer of 1900." And I thought Victorian women were prisoners of their clothes!

jaycee said...

Anyhow, you helped fix the most logical date for the photograph: 1900.

I am also starting to see those surface features on the timepiece as a landscape painting, similar to others shone on the web. Any comments out there?

Roxanne said...

I think I have seen another picture of this man in my cousins photo collection. I scanned many of her pictures and will need to check them. Also, the lapel pin interests me as in Mary LeBeau Hankel's pictures there are a group of pictures with all of the men wearing a lapel pin. I too tried to enlarge it without success. LeBeau Road was named after Mary's parent's (Calixte & Clarisse Mongrain LeBeau) home which sat up on the road.

Anonymous said...


Great! I hope that you are able to give us an identity for this man. It would also be interesting to know about what might be on the lapel pin. . .

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