Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Rescue of Mary Ellen Smock

One hundred years ago, Mary Ellen Smock was one of Sherwood's most prominant citizens. She signed important documents and supported political candidates. According to the memoir of Maria Beard Sweek, however, Mary Ellen's life did not start out so grand:

Her mother died when she was born... and there was no one to take her. Her father couldn't keep her, he had a lot of little children, so I took her and kept her for a long time, and I nursed her and fed mine.... [I] put one in the cradle and took one in bed with me, and I kept her there a long time. She says she wished I had always kept her. I finally told her father he had to give her to me or take her away, because I was getting too attached to her to have to give her up, but after that she was from place to place like they usually are. She married a very nice man....

--Life in a New, Untamed Land by the Tualatin Historical Society (2001)


Lilly Morgen said...

Many young people were "farmed out" to others in the community.
Mary Ellen Smock's madien name was
Sebastion, rather then Hall as the City of Sherwood still claims.

jaycee said...

That is correct. Always go to The Sherwood Historical Society for the most accurate information.

Kitty Meinecke said...

We were standing on Pine Street the other day, by that gigantic
Cedar of Lebanon Tree. That was the house where a baby was left on the doorstep. Does anybody know anything about that?

jaycee said...

Could have been me or my wife we were both orphans. (Just kidding) do you have any more information we can follow up on?

Lilly Morgen said...

Thanks to Nola Maxine Baker, who recently passed away, we know that William Boston, (Nola's father) was the baby that was found at that house on the porch one morning. From family research, Nola was granted membership in the Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde in 1994. This may indicate that William may have been a full blooded native. The Boston family took in the baby and raised it as their own.

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