Saturday, August 13, 2005

Dufur Oregon: Threshing Bee

Lilly Morgan usually leaves her chickens at home. But this time she brought one with her and it ran off. She had the whole town of Dufur, Oregon out looking for it. It was a real parade for awhile. Now, when you're in Dufur, Mount Hood looks exactly the same, except that she rises in the West instead of the East. It was enough to get Lilly all turned around. She kept pointing everybody in the wrong direction. Her bird was never seen again. Personally, we feel that the bird probably got taken by one of the threshing rigs the community of Dufur is so famous for. Did I mention that this was the weekend of Dufur's Annual Threshing Bee? That would explain it.The town-folk felt so bad for Lilly that they fed us a country ranch-style meal of steak and potatoes to make up for the chicken pot pie we didn't get. After dinner, we went out and did some jamming with the musicians who hang around there. Best bunch of guitar pickers and fiddlers that (or this) side of Mount Hood, let me tell you!


Lilly Morgen said...

Many Sherwood people went to Dufer and Arlington to work the threshing crews. Let's make a list of those people and when they went. I'll be back in a few days with some names.

jaycee said...

Mr. Fred List, for one.

Lilly Morgen said...

Rudy Olsen went to Arlington to work in Wasco County. He hauled bags of grain by wagons drawn by teams of horses from central eastern Oregon to the Columbia River at Arlington where it was hauled by barge and later the train. That is how he got started in the trucking business here in Sherwood.

jaycee said...

So is that the same Rudy Olsen as per Rudy Olsen Gas Pump Park on Second and Washington? Yeap, I believe it is.

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