Saturday, July 09, 2005

Emigrant Springs Encounter

We met these old boys while camping on the Oregon Trail at Emigrant Springs, near Pendelton. They were just in from Idaho with a couple of oxen just like the ones that pulled the wagons west in the olden days. How smart these oxen were is demonstrated by the photo at left. The "deer" is made of plaster, yet the ox romanced it as though it were a real critter. Of course there was an old time Fiddlers convention going on at the same time. With all the pickin' and grinnin' and sparkin' going on, Emigrant Springs was a great place to rest your feet before continuing across the Blue Mountains.


Christopher Trottier said...

I love that picture.

jaycee said...

One thought that kept occurring to us in Eastern Oregon: "These guys are REAL!"

Lilly Morgen said...

Ya know how to stop on of those locomotives? You find a tree and park the team right up to it. They can't go forward because the yoke is between them. J.C.? Do you want to post my "Oxen Love" photo, or would that be too racy?

jaycee said...

Oh Yeah! I was wondering what happened to that!

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